Mic Yamoah Jabs Industry Folks In The Patience Nyarko & Joe Mettle Beef Issues

Professor Mic Yamoah took to his Facebok page on Sunday morning and poured out his heart to the industry folks who criticize him and his team of gospel music crusaders called Table of Men. This post comes in the wake of the Joe Mettle and Patience Nyarko`s beef saga that seems to have divided many gospel industry followers in Ghana. Read the post below as we have also attached a video of Patience Nyarko`s visit to our studio to explain her issues with Joe Mettle.


I’ve been hearing the incessant noise that some table of koominini bi are controlling the gospel music industry and they decide who succeeds and who fails. Deep-dyed nonsense!!

I wonder how some Gh artistes can be that gullible, ignorant and succeptible to manipulation. I don’t know who’s pumping that notion into their heads:

If it’s your managers, they are covering up their incompetence. Fire them.

If it’s a group of media guys, yank them off; they have no influence.

If it’s your new found hangers-on, be careful: they never stay with any camp for more than 6 months. They are with you to take away info and milk you.

Now ask yourself: how did you get that last hit? What has changed? When you got that hit, did you become complacent? Or when the money and shows were coming, you thought a break (from the industry) to go chill/live elsewhere will guarantee you instant acceptance when you bounce back?

Live with that notion that the keys to your success are in the hands of someone/people. What are your cheerleaders who control mass radio and TV doing for you? Are they just parroting the sabotage cacophony? Can’t they help you “blow”?

Attribute all failure to someone else, but when you chalk gains, it’s your making. That’s the typical sour artiste.

Think through these things. Paranoia is real!

NB: If you know your are really managing/affiliated to a gospel act and really understand the issues within that space, you may show up and let’s engage. I’m not interested in fan fooleers who just go with the wind.