eShUN`s Former Manager Stephen Mensah Say`s “No Pressure” Despite The Troubles

After watching an interview of eShun and Zion Felix on Youtube where the songstress made some damning revelations about her past with Quophimens Music boss, reading stories from Mimi Andani`s legal threats and reading comments, posts and reactions from industry folks and foes on social media, i tried checking on my colleague Stephen Mensah. To my utmost surprise, the gentle man is not really perturbed on what is happening as his social media reactions are as calm as never before.

Of course, he has shown strength in all his doings so i was not really surprised. What i was surprised about was his reaction on his social media page especially Facebook where he made some interesting post about 6 and 9 depending on how you look at it. He added no pressure to one of his posts. No pressure is actually a new single from his current artiste Naana Blu and it indirectly says, no worries.

The coming days will surely be interesting as followers of these stories also don`t know what arsenals Stephen Mensah might be releasing soon. Stay tuned for more as follows this keenly for more updates. See the snapshots below.