Songstress Eshun Exposes Her Former Manager, Calls Him Demon.

Josephine Bosomtwi Eshun is a Ghnanain singer with the stage name Eshun who is now called Queen Eshun has referred to his former manager as a demon and a blackmailer.

Stephen Mensah aka Stevemens is the CEO of “Quophimens Musiq”. He is the former manager of Queen Eshun and the current manager for Naana Blu the “Sugar Cane” and “No Pressure” singer.

Queen Eshun pouring her heart out on the “UNCUT” show with Zion Felix has stated emphatically that, Stevemens was his fiance before they started working as artiste and manager.

To her, even in their relationship, his then manager used to abuse her verbally, makes her go hungry without any sympathy and always looks down on her.

“He went that far to call me a demon and that I’m manipulated by evil spirit but looking at how he treats, me I told him he is the demon in my life”, she added.

The “Akyea” singer revealed how she tried to quit her relationship with Stevemens but anytime she tries to do so, she receives strange and life threatening messages.

“To me, those messages makes me panic and frightened always and that kept me going back and forth to his place just to endure the pains to keep me safe” she concluded.