Nacee Schools Socrate Sarfo Over “Creative Artistes Like Begging” Comment On Peace FM

The power of the microphone and the camera can make one exhibit powers he or she does not have especially in our part of the world where every one is struggling for power. Therefore when Nacee got the opportunity with the camera and the microphone to correct an erroneous impression created by an industry capo and now director of , he straightened him squarely.

Socrate Sarfo had earlier made pronouncements during Entertainment Review that creative arts people are fond of begging for anything from individuals and government. This Nacee finds unacceptable, therefore during his time on Showbiz Daily on Sammy Flex TV, he also corrected him by saying Socrate should not be blinded by the fact that he is in power at the moment so he can say anything freely.

“Socrate Sarfo is speaking like this because of where he finds himself now. I am not sure, he will speak same way if the table changes one day. What promises did he and his people give to the creative arts people when they were campaigning for votes? He should be serious and stop all these sayings when he is on radio because it does not augur well for the industry at all” he added.

Nacee also explained how he sees the on going misunderstanding between Joe Mettle and Patience Nyarko, adding that there are good and bad in the on going saga judging from how one appreciates the happenings.

Watch the full interview on Sammy Flex TV with Sammy Flex as the host and other pundits.