Watch: Is The Industry Turning Against eShun In The On Going “Chopious” Saga? has compiled various reports emanating from different platforms that suggest that the industry is almost turning against eShun in the on going saga between her and her former manager cum label boss Stephen Mensah of Quophimens Music. The revelations came out after an interview with Zion Felix on his Uncut Show.

Allegations of dating and maltreatment were leveled on Stephen Mensah but the gentleman kept his cool without any public pronouncements. Is this what is winning all the fans and support Stephen Mensah seems to be enjoying at the moment.

This compilation was presented by Tilly Akua Nipaa on, a segment on Showbiz Daily that streams live on Sammy Flex TV every week day at 8pm on Facebook. We have compiled the reports and the people behind the statements being made against eShun in the link below.