Shatta Wale Speaks About What He Did To Be Voted No.1 On YouTube Streams In Ghana

Though many are celebrating him for the success he has chalked with his Youtube streams, plenty are those who don`t know what really contributed to him being number one on the app in the competition. The confusion in the minds of many stems from the fact that some of the names that were represented on the list even have higher numbers with views and subscribers as much as their videos on YouTube are concerned.

This discussion pushed the producers of Showbiz Daily on Sammy Flex TV to invite Shatta Wale for some explanations as to how he was able to get that breakthrough despite the stiff competition around in these times.

In a telephone interview with Shatta Wale on the live online show that runs every evening at 8pm on Sammy Flex TV, the Dancehall King in Africa aka 1DON was not selfish with it as he shared all his secrets to that feat. First, he stated that he does not rely on only his music videos online to gain traction but any other content he is involved in including swimming pool lessons, eating, playing with friends and studio sessions.

“I am ready to teach all artistes how i was able to do this if they are interested. Yes, some artistes might have bigger subscriber numbers than i have but it`s all about strategies on how to remain relevant on the platform and that is what i used to beat them to it” he revealed.

Shatta Wale in the interview even added how much he earns from YouTube in a period of three months. The discussion later generated into a heated argument among the panel members who were divided on whether we should jubilate with the numbers we have or rather, we should work extra harder to beat the rest on the African continent.

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