Naffy X has dropped Another controversial song “WOKOTI”

In showbiz all over the world, we have people that have been labeled by their people as a controversial and bad character in their jurisdictions. Ghana has its own controversial Showbiz personalities and Naffy X is definitely one of them.

Naffy X is a female Ghanaian musician, and some music lovers would remember her as BadGirl Nafisa before she changed her name to Naffy X. “Pus **y controller” hitmaker, Naffy X has dropped another song that would definitely spark another controversy like how her song “Pus**y controller” did on social media and Ghana internet Landscape last years.

The new song is called “WOKOTI” which means your Di**k has already shocked the internet landscape in Ghana after the thriller was released a few days ago. The audio version of the song is out on SoundCloud and official music video for the song is also available on her official YouTube channel.