“It’s Very Disrespectful For A Presenter To Ask A Female Artiste Who She Sleeps With” – Socrate Sarfo

Ghanaian film maker Socrate Sarfo has angrily referred to the actions of Nana Romeo towards Wendy Shay as disrespectful. Accra FM’s presenter Nana Romeo last month embarrassed Lynx Entertainment signee Kidi for coming on his show late and even classified it as disrespectful to his show. After that action towards Kidi, Romeo won public opinion court out of that on social media and other public discussion platforms.

Now the tables have turned as Nana Romeo seems to be in hot soup as he disrespects Wendy Shay on his show Ayekoo by asking if she is “sleeping” with his label CEO Bullet. Wendy Shay in response to the question said that was not why she came for the interview so he could ask another question. Interestingly, that did not satisfy Nana Romeo as he kept pushing with threats of releasing evidences to the allegations of Wendy Shay having amorous relationship with Bullet.

Wendy Shay not being very comfortable, got angry and walked out from the studio. Romeo`s recent actions have caused feminists, his own media colleagues and Ghanaians in general to withdraw the earlier support he gained from them including Socrate Sarfo who has lambasted him to the hottest degree. The classification board chairman has said on Showbiz Daily on Sammy Flex TV that the act was very disrespectful.

His facial expressions and attitude in the delivery have been captured in the video below as he also touched on the critical role of the classification board to the industry in general. You can subscribe to the channel for more showbiz content.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori