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Breaking News! Kelvin Boy`s Attacker Identified and the Manager Narrates the Incidence that happened at Ashiaman.

Sammy Flex and Beef Nation president, Nana Regan after hearing the news about Kelvin Boy’s attack did a very insightful analysis of the incidence and also call the manager of Kelvin Boy to narrate what happened at the Electro-land office at Ashiaman.

One of the Sammy Flex Tv reporters, Yaw Lapigee also reports about the incidence from StoneBwoy’s camp and what they think about the incidence. According to the report from Lapigee, Bhim Nation members know nothing about the incident but they confirm that they know the attacker.

Watch the full video on Sammy Flex TV and get all the details plus critical analysis from Sammy Flex and Nana Regan, the Beef Nation President.