Exclusive! Better Details Of The Lord Kenya & Okomfour Kwadee`s Family Clash Out Finally

The discussion of this very banter started when Evangelist Lord Kenya shared a video of himself lamenting about a supposed treatment the family of Okomfuor Kwadee were meting out to him after his visitation. Social media took hold of the matter and judged it from various angles obviously in favour of Lord Kenya. Now the question is this, did we really understand what the real issues were at the time?

well, this website www.sammyflextv.com has in its possession the exact content of the letter written by the legal advisers of the family to the people involved. Fans of Okomfuor Kwadee are to note that the letter was not written or directed to Lord Kenya but to the “care house or facility” that houses the artiste. If there is any different letter sent to Lord Kenya, then we might see that later.

The general impression created earlier was that the letter was barring Lord Kenya and colleagues in the entertainment fraternity especially from visiting at the time that they were looking forward to solicit for support to help Kwadee. The family now says no one should visit their sick royal in the name of support since they are ready to take care of all the bills that will be presented to them.

Check the details of the letters below and watch the video for more emphasis.