Watch! Where Are The Feminists? This Lady & Her Siblings Need You As They Suffer From A Father`s Mistakes

If this story does not make you angry, it will surely make you cry or may be happy. It will make you happy in the sense that you might be in a position to help and that will give you enough satisfaction after that.

This is a story about a family of six children whose father has sold the only property they had left, thus a house to a supposed uncle. The uncle after paying for the property without the knowledge of the children is now sacking them with bulldozers without considering where these children will sleep after the demolition. These children helped in the construction of the building in so many ways.

The father is now married to another woman living with him at Aburi leaving the children to suffer for a three day meal and accommodation at the same time. They have an ultimatum to find accommodation before the building will be broken down along with their belongings as well.

It`s our wish that all benevolent people who will see this video will share to help us reach people who can help, as well as those who are ready to join these children in their quest for survival.

Watch the video below for the fine details of the case as was presented by one of the children in the confusion.