Watch! Freda Rhymz Reveals Two Military Men Protected Her After Sister Afia`s Attack: Find Out How

Followers of the entertainment industry will surely not struggle to know why Freda Rhymz decided to protect herself with two military men aka soldiers in our street parlance, during the triangular beef pandemic in our music industry. The three involved in the beef were Freda Rhymz, Sister Afia and Eno Barony.

To those who might know about this beef, Ghana`s music industry experienced the fiercest female rap beef ever in its history and many things happened during that period. Abusive words were used left, right and centre against these ladies and the industry became excited at the time. Around the same time, Sister Afia attacked Freda Rhymz at TV3`s premises after a Freda Rhymz`interview session.

It was after that encounter that Freda Rhymz saw the need to protect herself with trained guards aka body guards. In an interview with Sammy Flex on Showbiz Daily, she revealed that she went for the services of two military men who followed her to interview sessions any where she went to around town because she did not feel secured at the time.

The interview could not end without Freda Rhymz getting angry at a journalist who placed Sister Afia above her during his submission. Get the full video in the link below on Sammy Flex TV.