Blakk Rasta’s ‘Mallam Tonga’ Packs A Punch, Trends on Twitter

Kuchoko Legend, Blakk Rasta’s recently released ‘Mallam Tonga’ song is packing a hefty punch as he became talk of social media world recently for his fast paced banger that will keep you dancing.

The song trended on Twitter overnight, staying at number 1 in Ghana.

The track “Mallam Tonga” was uploaded on Blakk Rasta`s YouTube channel last June 20. It’s since gained 4.6k views.

Many ‘twitterist’ praised Rasta for his Pidgin singing delivery, saying the song is fire.

“I will do anything for you my QueenRed heartRed heart @Blakkrasta #MallamTonga #Fire” Twitter user @EugenPeprah wrote.

Another Twiter user wrote:”Rock Me Gentle Baby👇🏿, you’re my worldRed heartRed heart

@kobbyskary also wrote: “Shake of your CoronaVirus with this Gqom Banger #MallamTonga from
@Blakkrasta FireFireFireFireFire Banging everywhere”.

Another user wrote @kwame_agyei wrote: “ready to explode the airwaves with quality #loversRock tunes #midweek #edition #MallamTonga #LangaLanga #timbuktubyroad #AfricanHistoryClass kickstart at 4pm ❤❤Musical noteMusical noteMusical noteHeadphoneHeadphoneSpeaker with one sound waveSpeaker with one sound waveSpeaker with one sound waveFireFireFireFireFireFireFire”

Mallam Tonga is South African QCOM style music fused with Ghanaian Highlife and Reggae. It is a fastpaced banger that will keep you dancing throughout.

It talks about the age-old debate regarding sex before marriage. Mallam Tonga is talking about a man who is a sex-addict.

Watch and share the video on Blakk Rasta, YouTube channel

Story by: Reagan Odei Ofosu Osafro (Nana Reagan)