Facts Out! These Are The Reasons Richie Mensah Hates “Ex- Lynx Artistes Fail” Tag

Now we all know to break the Lynx Entertainment code, one would need the combined powers of God and may be a return trip to Benin, what has come to be known in recent times as the “saviour” country from hardship.

History does not tell a lie and it is factual that all artistes who have left the LYNX Entertainment label struggle to breakthrough like it was when they were actively with the label. Lynx has a track record of 100% success with all the artistes they have worked with since its inception but what they don`t have is a successful life of artistes after Lynx Entertainment. Some people think it`s a jinx yet to be broken by any artistes.

After recent news reports of the exit of Dope Nation, that discussion came up again when pundits starting their spin on whether the duo will succeed or not. Out of that came an interview asking Richie Mensah, CEO of the label why it has been like that but like his gentle self, he flatly denied that assertion of failure on the part of artistes who leave the label. In his words, he said that he feels uncomfortable when industry people make such assertions and Sammy Flex TV`s segment Sammy Flex speaks knows why.

Richie Mensah does not want people to assert that to create an impression that he might be behind the failures of these artistes when they exit his label. In an industry where whom you know works more than knowledge and experience, one can easily use his connect to kill another`s moves and this we suspect might be the bigger reason Richie Mensah does not love such commentary. In this video hosted by MC Berimah of Sammy Flex TV fame with Sammy Flex as the resource person, many revelations were made as to how Lynx Entertainment treats its artistes that makes it difficult to for them to breakthrough when they exit.

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Story by: Akua Gyemfa