My Type Of Comedy Is For Intelligent People – Ajeezay Brags

Ghanaian stand up comedian and comic singer Nathaniel Mensah who responds to the comedy name Ajeezay has confidently said in an interview that his type of comedy is for intellectuals only.

Ajeezay in an exclusive interview on Sammy Flex TV’s Showbiz Daily boasted of topping his class in the University of Cape Coast (UCC) 2011 batch, attaining 1st Class in Bachelor of Education in Science – Chemistry and Biology. According to him, because he offered science in school, it reflects in his craft and if you are not that deep to think far, you wouldn’t be able to get the real meaning of his comedy.

He attested to the fact that because his craft (comedy) is not the common type, patrons find it difficult to get the understanding and that does not make them laugh most often when he is performing to them. Ajeezay noted further that because he has the passion for what he does (word play comedy), he will still continue to fight and work hard till Ghanaians get the full understanding of his type of comedy and accept him fully.

“Liners or word play comedy” according to Ajeezay is bringing one or two words together to make a joke out of it. Eg. “When you pour chocolate on your skin it becomes” – “Chocolate skin”.

The full interview is on our Youtube Channel Sammy Flex TV for your viewing pleasure.

Story: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori