What Showbiz Pundits Think About Asem Throwing Shots At Top Rappers In Ghana

Recently, Asem was seen in another video verbally attacking the likes of Sarkodie, M.anifest, Edem, E.L, Medikal, Joey B and others. Today on the “Common Sense” segment on Showbiz Agenda via Zylofon 102.1FM with Sammy Flex, pundits in the capital took turns to share their thoughts on Asem throwing shots at top rappers in Ghana.

The pundits argued on whether he is doing something good and whether these top rappers attacked should respond to him or ignore him. Please take a read of what they had to say to Asem and rap music fans:

Wei Ye Oteng (Beat producer and the CEO of drum Lyne music facility) – Tinny can make a diss song and will not mention names but when you listen to the track, it will shake your career. So I understand that is the game and how it is going. But do not kill. You see, let’s play the game. Don’t attack personalities. I have seen and I know Asem is attacking personalities in addition to what he is doing which to me it`s wrong.

Kofi Asamoah (Film Director, Writer, and Film producer) – If you don’t want beef, do not walk that path. Elsewhere beef is a serious thing. It gets physical at some point where people are even gunned down. This East Coast/West Coast beef in America was a serious thing. If you’re from east Coast and you are entering West Coast, you should be accompanied by a heavy security because you can be shot. That was how serious it was. Asem knows what he’s doing, so if you are not ready just ignore him. If the rappers Asem threw the shots at feel they are strong enough, they should reply him. If you think you are too big, you ignore him. Asem deserves some accolades but he should allow us to give it to him and not fight for it.

Ricky Tenneson (Assoc Prod-at 3Musicawards ||Events/Mktg Exec at EIB Network)- Asem has always had a problem with rap in Ghana. His issues did not start today. He was around for just about 3 to 4 years before his career died. He started high school tours in Ghana. It was during Asem’s era that hip-hop category was introduced into our award scheme. You can go check the facts. I feel they should reply him.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)