Comic Actor Enoch Darko Warns Fans To Ignore Bloggers Who Trend Without Support

Ghanaian young comic actor and stand up comedian who is based in Nigeria has communicated to his fans to ignore bloggers via his Facebook page.

According to him, he does not need a blogger who will make him trend for only a week and then stop pushing him and his works. “Some people pay bloggers to blog them and I will never do that because I built my career without them” he noted.

Again, he made a statement that Stardom is not about trends. “It’s about craft and legacy. Those who trend for a week have no craft. All they needed was fame and not legacy” he added.

On his Facebook page with the name (Darko Enock) in a live video, he posted this before his video. has published it unedited:

“I don’t need any #bloggers to blog me. Coca Cola don’t need advert…I need only my fans to #share my works…there are some respectful bloggers who try to promote positive things and promote Ghana and Ghana art I love them and respect them soo much…apart from that pleade my fans let’s concerntrate on our “bomshell” craft please more movies and big collaborations coming soon…keep sharing me” he pleaded with his fans.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori