Screen Shots Apae: Eno Barony Needs Sperms Urgently As Her Grand Mum Wants Her Pregnant Soonest

The social pressure of getting pregnant is not going anywhere soon in Ghana though people feel we are in a modern era, hence such pressures should go down by now. Interestingly, the family, friends, media and sometimes even strangers all have an opinion on when a person especially women should start having children.

Female rapper Eno Barony is the latest person suffering that as she has posted an audio on her Instagram page where her grand mother was telling her to get pregnant before the “Corona year 2020” ends.

Eno in her post on Instagram wrote “I need sperms urgently” with laughing emoji(s). Eno’s grand mother ended the conversation by adding that what she is saying is serious and that she will not forget to remember her in prayers as well.

The “She” rapper wrote this under her post: “After my grandma heard Nicki Minaj is pregnant. I don’t know whether she thinks she is a Ghanaian or competing or sumf n she gave me tym at the end”

Here are the screenshots.

Story by: Ntim Duodu Solomon