Agya Koo Brags About Being The Reason Ghana Has A Censorship Board

Award winning Ghanaian comic actor Agya Koo has expressed worry over bloggers not verifying their information before putting them on the internet. He also talked about his contributions for the movie industry and has broken his silence on his expectation from the current censorship board. monitored Showbiz Review on Aben FM 103.3 with King Solar on Saturday and the actor said it is very disturbing for someone to sit somewhere and say things about a public person that is not true. According to him, he is happy he is still alive and healthy by God’s grace.

Touching on the current state of the Ghanaian movie industry, the actor said there was so much love among movie makers during his prime time. He said actors like Wayoosi, Mercy Asiedu, Nana Ama McBrown and some few others at that time gelled very well and that contributed to their progress and growth in the industry.

“I did my best for the movie industry. All is not lost. All I ask for is long life and good health so we can come back and revive the industry. We were very passionate about our work and were very careful what we put out in the market for our audience. When movie fans meet us and advice or critique our works, we take them. It was encouraging and inspiring anytime Ghanaians abroad tell me they teach their kids the local language with our movies. It was very encouraging to know that” he stated.

The actor added: “Censorship board was there but do you know who made authorities dissolve the board? It was through my demonstration. There was this movie that I demonstrated against during the late president Mills era, when pornographic movies started coming up. The authorities didn’t understand why the censorship board should be there for an actor to point out some of these dangers in the movie industry. So that was the time authorities dissolved the board till today that God has helped us to get it back again” Agya Koo revealed.

“My expectation is that, the current board should stop any movie that has too much insults, pornographic and anything that is not appropriate from coming out to the movie market. There are some scenes in movies that are not appropriate for the public. It might look good to the director or producer but might have a negative impact on the movie audience. Let’s check these things because kids watch our movies” he added.

“Every movie maker should see himself as an eye in the country’s development and must not produce or direct just any movie because he wants to be popular” he further added.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)