Wiyaala Has Refused Adina`s Collaboration Because Of Kwame Fakye: Find Out What He Said About Her

Popular Ghanaian Afro-pop singer & songwriter Wiyaala, who was all over in the news during the weekend has made a shocking but interesting revelation about why she is not responding to collaboration calls from her fellow female songstress Adina Thembi.

Wiyaala was explaining why she went wild over the weekend as she also expressed worry over some attitude of some industry players and their commentaries about her. She revealed to the host of AM Show on Joy News that, the only thing that is holding her back from making her collaboration with Adina happen is some negative comments that came from the latter’s manager.

“And this goes out to everybody especially Adina’s manager Mr Kwame Fakye. I didn’t come to my community because my career has come to an end. I didn’t come to my community because I have run out of money or my manager and I are owing people money as you said sometime ago. That I have come here to hide because my career has come to an end and that there’s nothing for me in Accra. Accra gave me a lot. Accra gave me the biggest popularity ever through the reality shows. Without Accra, there was no Vodafone Icons in my village or my hometown. So I went to Accra to get something and Accra gave it to me. So it`s time for me to come back home and share. Because of the things he keeps saying about me, Adina has been calling me for collaborations and I’m not sure i am ready yet. You see that? That’s why they say I’m not collaborating with what what. So please, this is where all these things are going. It makes us feel like they are making us fight each other and we shouldn’t” she stated.

Touching on whether people should talk about her positively or negatively and why Arnold’s comment has affected her so much, the Afropop artiste said she is not asking anyone to stop talking about her but it should be done constructively.

“For me, I am not saying somebody shouldn’t talk about me. But when you are talking about us, you should know we are all hustling to do something for ourselves. In fact, criticize constructively like people will say. But when you sit on TV to talk about somebody and you want to use just two minutes to discredit somebody, it`s not the best. You are actually killing the person’s career. Because all that he has said has really taken me out of the Ghana market. It means nobody should be thinking about me when they are doing shows here because I’m never here. Me and my manager have left the scene for them. Even to the extent that when I came to my village, I know when I talk to people like this it might sound like I’m taking things personal but that time has come, when you don’t speak out, people think you just sitting back for people to bully you. Nobody is going to bully me” she noted.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)