Kurl Songx Warns Journalists Not To Call Him For An Interview Over A Post On Kaywa

Ghanaian artiste and a former signee of Highly Spiritual Kurl Songx has warned Journalists not to call him for an interview as he sends a heart warming message to Kaywa through an Instagram post.

Kurl Songx has shown gratitude to his former label boss (Kaywa) after departing from his Highly Spiritual record label in a long while. He warned Journalists not to call him for an interview on the message he sent to his father as he calls Kaywa, because he owes no one any explanation.

In an Instagram post on his page with the username “Kurlsongx” he shared:

“I salute you papa … I humble my self before you as a son .. I love you … a lot has been learnt since I left you sir … and I say I’m proud to have you mentor me to be who I am today. God bless everyone who has been a supportive in anyway towards my entire journey. Those who love me, I love you too, those I have stepped on their toes unknowingly and knowingly please forgive my actions.. I do not owe any one any explanation to this so please don’t call me for interview and ask about questions regarding me and my father we are okay, we are good. A father and a son affair will be resolved kraa enti mensuro but in a a mean while all gratitude towards you sir”.

Before publishing this piece, www.sammyflextv.com checked whether there has been any reaction from Kaywa on the post but nothing was seen as at the time. It`s therefore not too clear whether Kaywa will accept the apology or not.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori