“May Be I Will Be K!lled After Revealing All Nigel Did To Me” – Mzbel

Hiplife artiste Mzbel has sent a strong warning to founder and leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaisie to stop peddling falsehood about her in his quest to do damage control for himself if not, she will tell the truth to the world for the man of God to kill her.

“You will not connive with my haters and try to use them for damage control by damaging me. Nigel, for the last time if I hear again that you claim I came to your office to seduce you or blackmailed you for Ghc500,000 I will come out to share my story I swear to God. If you do it again, I will come out and explain. If you like kill me, if I come out to explain because I have heard that is what you do” Mzbel shared these messages in her video.

“In this life, everyone will die and no one knows exactly how he or she will die. Maybe my death will come through you but truth is, we will all die in the end. It doesn’t matter how rich or the material things you have, you will die. Even kids are dying. So Nigel if you will continue this your damage control by tarnishing me, then I will tell my truth to the world and die” she said in a Facebook live video.

According to the musician, sometimes she only acts some way to get attention on social media just to send out a message. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t respect herself.

“Sometimes we come on social media to do things to catch attention just to send out a message but that doesn’t mean I don’t have self respect as a woman. But unfortunately for me, people have tagged me with sex so anytime anyone approaches me, they want to talk about sex. This person doesn’t know me. He won’t take time to know me but he first of all starts talking to me about sex. And then sometimes I will play along, smile and find a way to change the topic. I am a very humble person and I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings or disrespect them” she stated.

She further added: “I was patience with you in your office when you were behaving so childish. You didn’t say anything revealing or anything important to me concerning why you made me wake up at that time of the night to drive to your office. So I got angry and wanted to leave. What even got me pissed was your request for us to take a selfie when you knew I was in a night-robe. So I was like is that how careless you are? But you insisted and used your phones to take pictures of me” she added.

“Put your head on me and took picture, acting very foolishly. So I got angry and demanded that you pay for my fuel. So you took me outside to my car and later gave my driver Ghc200. You told my boy Anthony to take the Ghc200 and that later you will send me money for fuel. And I was very upset and disrespected. So I sat in my car and drove off. If you want me to continue the story, afterwards what happened, Nigel conspire with my haters who want to tarnish my image to say stuff about me. I did not come to your office to seduce you. I did not black mail you for Ghc500,000”.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)