Mzbel Warns Prophet Nigel Gasie To Desist From Supplying Information To Her Enemies

Mzbel has responded to allegations from Tracey Boakye that she seduced and blackmailed Prophet Nigel Gaisie for GH¢500,000 and warned the man of God for the very last time to stop conniving with her enemies to do damage control for himself.

In one of Tracey Boakye’s videos, she alleged that Mzbel went to Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s office in a nightie to seduce and blackmail the man of God only to later turn around to accuse the man of rape.

However, Mzbel has responded to the wild allegation and has admitted going to Nigel Gaisie’s office in a nightwear but not to seduce or blackmail the man of God. According to Mzbel, if the supposed man of God is going to continue these lies about her to her enemies to be used against her, then she is going to come out and explain in full details everything that happened between them.

“First of all I don’t want to be angered. I did not watch all these videos from Tracy. I made fun with things I heard. But I went on radio for an interview and one of her audios was played. And in some parts of the audio, Tracy said the man of God told her that I blackmailed him Ghc500,000 wasn’t enough for me. This is not the first time I am hearing this thing. I have heard it many times that I am blackmailing Nigel Gasie for money. I don’t have to do that. Some pastor even approached me and offered me money to come to his church to agree to a fake prophecy but I didn’t do it. He wanted to just pay me for fake prophecy but I turned it down. This is something that isn’t even a crime but I turned it down and later exposed him. If I have plans of blackmailing any pastor, maybe I will blackmail an NPP pastor and not NDC pastor because I am also NDC” she said.

Mzbel further added: “I wouldn’t have blackmailed a pastor who sympathize with my political party. I won’t do that. So Nigel, I am sending this message to you. If you will continue going around any time people have issues with me to whisper some information to be used against me, then I am going to come out to give details of everything that happened. If you are going to be telling people to come out and say I blackmailed you, then I am going to come out to give details of everything that happened. I thought after we reached a compromise, you were going to respect yourself enough to focus on your church ministry so I also focus on my business but all the time, I hear you go about saying stuff to people to give me a bad name” she revealed.

The musician in a live video on Facebook warned the prophet to stop hiding behind people to give her a bad name because she is not going to tolerate that any longer.

“You think you are a man of God but I am a musician and also sort of have a bad name in a way so you will go hiding behind people and say stuff about me, then honestly I will forget everything we agreed on and go on with my legal actions. I will come out and share my story. Because a lot of people are disappointed in me with the approach I used in dealing with my issue with you, but I had to do that because of the respect I have for some people. It is never about money. I did not black mail you Nigel. And I didn’t come to your office at your church premises in my nightie to seduce you” she stated.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)