Freda Rhymz Describes How She Apologized To Sista Afia, Talks About R@pe Experience & Afia Odo

Rapper Freda Rhymz has opened up on featuring Sista Afia on her new “Saucy” song, disclosing she apologized to the singer before getting her to shoot the video.

In an interview with Sammy Flex on Showbiz Agenda on Zylofon 102.1 FM on Tuesday morning, she revealed they had to do it earlier but their difference delayed the video shoot.

“I am the one who called her first to apologize to her. I told her to forgive and forget about the things I said in my songs during the beef. We felt like we should do something together for the fans. First day on set, we had fun teasing ourselves. In fact, we used some of the words previously used during the beef on set to have fun. We recorded the song before the beef so having such a beautiful piece together, I had to do this so we get the visuals done. This is not to say I apologized because of the song. We’ve gotten over it and we cool. It`s business and I will love to be on Eno’s album as well” she explained.

According to Freda, she is very satisfied with Sista Afia’s support for the song after the video. “She posted the artwork and anytime she sees a post from fans, she retweets it and that’s cool for me. I have not been featured on her song yet but she called me to come for something like that. So hopefully I will be on her song soon” she said.

Touching on her verse in the song where she mentioned Afia Odo, she explained that it was for a positive purpose and that he has no intention of starting a beef with that line in the song. “I didn’t have any bad intention with my Afia Odo slay queen line in my verse in the song and I don’t intend starting any beef with her. It was a positive vibe. We all know Afia Odo is a slay queen so there is nothing wrong with what I said. I slay myself and if queen is added to my name, I won’t see that as a problem” she stated.

Having a bad experience with a male sponsor in the past, she advised young ladies to be careful of sponsors to avoid being rape. According to her, ladies should understand exactly what kind of relationship they have with men who spend on them to avoid being raped.

“I had a friend who was sponsoring me. I thought we were just friends but at some point in our relationship, he tried to rape me. He was like he has been spending on me so he wanted to sleep with me but I declined. He struggled with me but fortunately for me, his neighbors were around so they heard me scream and rescued me. So I escaped it but ladies should watch out for stuff like this in their relationship with men” she cautioned.

Freda is currently promoting her new single “Saucy” featuring her once upon a time music rival Sista Afia.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)