Tracey Boakye Fires Back At FIPAG: Questions Them About Her Membership Status

Outspoken actress and film producer Tracey Boakye has responded to her suspension by the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) saying she has never been a member of the association so why the letter of suspension.

According to the actress in a video shared on social media, she claimed she has produced 14 good movies as a young female producer even at a time that the movie industry is on the verge of collapsing and has never had any executive of FIPAG commending her for her efforts.

“I have produced movies for eight good years. FIPAG has never put me on their platform before. When I gave birth, no one in FIPAG has called to congratulate me or even talk of coming to visit me. As it stands, I am not part of your association. I am an independent producer. Everyone knows I am independent producer. I am the first Kumawood film producer that have premiered her movie in abroad. I am doing good but no executive member called me to congratulate me. Today you say what? You are serving me a suspension letter? Do you even know me? FIPAG do you know me? Or you just what to get attention or trend out of my current issues? When the industry declined and most of you got discouraged, I, a young woman decided not to get discouraged but still produced movies to bring glory to producers even though you have sidelined me. If you ask me two names of FIPAG executives I don’t know. I am not on your platform because you said I am not a member and did not even allow me to vote during your elections” she said.

Tracey added: “If I had died during delivering my baby, you would have attended my funeral and make big donations and claim I am a part of you. I want to ask you, have you ever called me before? FIPAG how does this concern you? Am I a member of your association?. Some individual producers, like Samdakus sometimes call me to give me thumbs up when I produce movies. Director James Aboagye have you ever called me? When was the last time you spoke to me? Today there is an issue so you want to serve me a suspension letter to disgrace me”.

“I have never been part of you. I am not on your whatsapp platform. You have not supported me in any way but today you want to do this to bring shame to me. I leave everything to God Almighty. What suspension? The film industry has collapsed. Now those of us that want to revive it too you want to kill our passion for the work or discourage us? You can’t discourage me. Director James Aboagye you did not do your work well as president of the association. Come again!. You and I know that you did not do your work well. Am I part of your association? This is so funny. Why serve me a suspension letter? For what?” the actress quried

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)