Big A$$ Matters: Moesha Boduong Confesses Having Plastic Surgery aka Liposuction

Ghanaian actress and model Moesha Boduong has finally admitted to having plastic surgery also known as liposuction Surgery.

The popular Instagram model, in an interview with Angela Bamford on TLS on Ghone TV, confessed to a liposuction surgery. She said, “I had a lipo BBL. Lipo is when they take out the fats from any part of your body. Your arms, your face, your stomach, your waist anywhere and put it in your hips and your ass. Without the transfer, just the lipo is the fat transfer. But if you want the fat transferred to a specific place that’s the BBL also known as the Brazilian Butt Lift. Because it started from Brazil, a lot of Brazilian women do a lot of fat transfer and that’s how the name came about” she explained.

Adding smilingly, ” I use to workout a lot and you know I wasn’t getting results. I am always dieting, waist training. Like you know, I think I wanted fast results. I was not too patient so I was like you know what? I’ve heard and read about plastic surgery and BBL so I was like let me go try it. I did my little research and I went to do and I loved it. I got the results. It gives you fast results.The results you want”.

According to her, she wasn’t scared of the consequences because she read about it and did a lot of research into it. She said she realized that BBL is something people have been doing years ago but this generation is more exposed to internet and that is where she felt like she should do her research and give it a try.

When Angela asked how she feels about people thinking that ladies who do plastic surgery have low self esteem, the model responded: “I don’t believe that. I have always had confidence in myself and my skin. People seem to have problem when you go for surgery but when you workout for same results, it`s a good thing but it`s the same thing. Working out and going for surgery to get that flat stomach, tinny waist is the same thing. Girls do squats and stuff like that and i think it`s the same thing. So it`s not really about having low self esteem. Sometimes, it makes you feel good. When you look good it makes you feel good. When you wear a dress, you look good in it. Then why do we make up, whitening our teeth? We shouldn’t make up. We just trying to look good but it doesn’t mean we have low self esteem”.

Moesha thinks the days where people see surgery as a big deal is no more and that it has become normal where even husbands allow their wives to go for it. “I think the narrative is changing. I think it was from the beginning. People are getting use to it. It`s normal now and not really a big deal. Now you can see a lady and go like, hey who is your doctor and she tells you my doctor is this. So it`s a normal thing now” she said.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)