Solid Multimedia Boss Ezekiel Tetteh Not Happy With Sarkodie & This Is Why

Ezekiel Tetteh aka Tear Rubber who happens to be the Head of Creatives at Solid Multimedia and a Channel Manager of TV7 has asked why Sarkodie stood on the Independence Arch at the time of his performance at the Black Love Virtual Concert. He shared the following on his Facebook timeline:

“Congrats to Sark and the entire team. But I have one question pls no insults oooo. Sark standing on our independence arch, is it no disrespectful to us or you say it’s creativity? But for me is like standing on the National flag” he asked after congratulating Sarkodie on his Facebook time line.

Explaining his post on Zylofon FM’s Showbiz Agenda with Sammy Flex, he said his issues with Sarkodie is him standing on the Independence Arch. According to him, the Arch is very important and significant when it comes to the history of Ghana’s Independence and for someone to stand on it is like standing on the National Flag.

“When it comes to our Independence, it’s an identity of Ghana so anything that somebody stands on has a physical and spiritual meaning to it. This is because standing on anything means the thing is under you or you’ve defeated or overcome it,” he stated.

He continued that, to him it was disrespectful for Sarkodie to have done that since he is a very deep thinker and sees beyond the ordinary. So for someone who thinks deep, he would not like the gesture of Sarkodie and his team.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori