“I Will Discipline You If You Dare Disrespect Me” – Ohemaa Dadao To Freda Rhymz

Female rapper, Ohemaa Dadao has sent a strong warning to fellow female rapper Freda Rhymz to never try to disrespect her because if she tries it, she will discipline her.

Speaking to Halifax Ansah Addo, host of Best Entertainment show on Okay FM on Friday, Ohemaa said it is okay if Freda wants to act like she has never met her before but she won’t tolerate disrespect from her in her interviews.

“The answer she gave to a question Nana McBrown asked her on United Showbiz is a total disrespect to me. What does she mean by female rappers in Ghana are just two? And everybody on the show was surprised when she said that. Bulldog went further to remind you that there are other female rappers like Ohemaa Dadao and others and her facial expression meant that she didn’t know me. And that is disrespect to me. Freda you have followed me in Kumasi and all that but that is even not important now. She came to deny the screenshots that proves she knows me. She denied that she wasn’t the one that texted me sometime ago and that it was her manager. Have you forgotten what you came to tell me in Kumasi. Okay fine, even if it wasn’t you that chat me, and it was your management then that should tell you I am not a small artiste. If your management is saying you should emulate me, follow my foot steps, learn from me then you should know that I am big”.

She added: “I really don’t have a problem if she claims she has not met me before. But if she goes further to claim that female rappers in the country are just two, that is disrespect. She should learn how to talk during interviews. That is selfishness to say female rappers are just two. When I met you in Kumasi, I opened up my arms for you so you can also grow. Coming up some of us were not selfish. My wish is that female rappers should dominate. Sista Afia though is not known as a rapper, sometimes she does rap music. It will help if Wendy Shay and other females sometimes do rap music too because it will help. It will make the female rappers get some attention. But if you are enjoying some small fame and you want to disrespect others, then watch out. So when I met you, we were all trying to support you. Freda Rhymz thinks she is gotten there but she is not there yet. She shouldn’t venture. If she disrespects me, I will discipline her”.

Meanwhile, Freda Rhymz at the moment doesn’t see anything wrong with her comments in interviews and doesn’t seem to have regretted by any of the comments she made.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)