Medikal Has Confirmed Criss Waddle Changed His Life

Rapper and a member of AMG Business Medikal, has given his heart felt acknowledgement to Criss Waddle his godfather for changing his life and making him who he is today.

No doubt about what Medikal posted, giving accolades to his Boss Waddle for making him live a dream life and a comfortable life with no hardship in terms of financial needs.

Medikal say`s from his music career, business and to his current marriage, they were all supported by his music godfather Waddle and still doing more for him. Indeed, he is his God sent to Medikal and this writer guesses everyone needs someone like Criss Waddle in his/her life.

On Twitter Medikal shared, “Like joke like joke Criss Waddle changed my life for life”.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori