Actress Yvonne Nelson Sends A Message To Politicians On Tribalism & It`s Destructive Powers

Movie producer and actress Yvonne Nelson has gone hard on Ghanaian politicians again as she used to do many times. She has warned politicians to stop misleading the citizens with tribalism. “Because that’s what makes us think we are not one people, but until we realize we are one people, things will never get better,” she added.

“When they send their SUPPORTERS to my page tribal right? Listen, until you guys realize we are one people, things will never get better! I can sit here and enjoy all i have but NO! Politicians are our problem and i will speak up for the poor Ghanaian!,” She tweeted as she cautions the politicians

If Ghanaians could remember, in 2015 May 16, Yvonne Nelson organized a “dumsor must stop vigil” against Ex President John Dramani Mahama which yielded positive results in favour of the entire country. Meaning, she fought for the weak and spoke for the voiceless.

The above mentioned shows how strong and how influential she is, when it comes to speaking into the mind of the people including her fans (lovers).

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori