Keche Reveals What Samini Did To Them At Ho In Their Early Days

Ghanaian hip-life group Keche has shared their story to encourage Ghanaian youth, most especially up and coming artistes to never give up but persevere to see their dreams materialized.

Speaking to Sammy Flex on Showbiz Daily on Wednesday night, the group revealed that coming up wasn’t all honey-licking journey. According to the hiplife duo, they have been through hell till they had their first hit with “Pressure”.

“Pressure was dropped in 2009 but became a hit after a year and 3 months. It opened lots of doors for us. Played a lot of shows including Temafest. It transformed us instantly. We got a call from Liberia to perform at a ceremony for the president. We didn’t even know our song could travel that far to bring us cash through shows outside Ghana. We were scared traveling to Liberia because of the history with war. But we went and came back safely” Andrews said.

Joshua added: “We got another call when we arrived in Ghana to perform at Ho Poly and Samini was the headline artiste at that time on the show. He did something that really hurt us. He performed over 30 hit songs and almost closed the show. He thought we had performed already but when we grabbed the mic and dropped “Pressure”, the whole place turned upside down. That was when we got convinced that the song has really arrived. So from there, we played shows in Kumasi and across other regions in Ghana. After “Pressure”, we had back to back hits. From “Sokode”, to “Aluguntugui” and it kept coming like that. Back to back hits”.

Andrew indicated that this has been a source of motivation for them in their journey and today, they can also share a beautiful story to encourage others. “Now when I’m even going through hard times, I smile because tomorrow I will tell people this story and it will become a motivation to others. If you have it all smooth, you wouldn’t have a beautiful story to tell.” Andrews said

Joshua chipped in: “Sammy we’ve been through hell. At a point, people called us names. We hustled, Andrew worked at a washing bay and we were still doing music. It was that bad. So anybody who sees Keche’s today shouldn’t look at just today. We have been through hell.

According to Keche, even after their “Sokode” hit, they were still hustling and that experience was bad. They said it will be better to not hit at all than to have a hit and still hustle.

“We have really suffered but thankfully to God, we have really learnt so much and we are doing better now. But we are guys so we were coping. We never lost hope at any point in our hustle” the group revealed.

Keche who is currently promoting their new single “No Dulling” which features Lynx Entertainment’s rockstar Kuami Eugene, encouraged the youth, most especially up and coming artistes that they should never give up on their hustle but rather persevere to achieve their dreams.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)