Evangelist Lord Kenya Talks About How Bloggers Destroy People For Money: “Money Is Good But The Love For It Is Evil”

Former award winning hip life artiste now Evangelist Lord Kenya has talked about how most of his songs talk about ‘sika’ (Money) and explained how bad it is to destroy people for money.

Speaking on Citi TV’s ‘Upside Down’ show with Frema Adunyame and Ato Kwamina over the weekend, he said most bloggers destroy people for money and that is because they love money. He said that becomes evil when one kills for money. Evangelist Lord Kenya was explaining how most of his songs talked about money and the advice he shared in most of his songs.

“I don’t love money. But I think this is what it is. My mom was rich. She helped a lot of people but when she died no one helped us. And my father had to leave and we had to go through a lot of hustle. So when I started this rap thing, here was this first song titled “Sika”. I’m holding a cash card but life is still hard. So this is what I’m trying to say, I’m gifted, talented but there’s no help. So it talked about you having a cash card but life is difficult and so don’t give up. So I was trying to talk to the young brothers, like keep on. You are talented and it`s going to come out. God is going to help you and that’s how come I called it sika. Sika Baa was talking about a lady who loves money. So this was also an advice to a young person” he said.

He further added: “And then there’s sika mpo nfa no ho. This song could pass as a gospel song. On this particular song, we were still talking about the way I saw people die rich. The way people were forcing the young ones to do things they don’t have to do. For example, we were seeing the young guys wanted to get rich quick. I mean quick money. I had gone astray that time. If I did this song this time, It would have passed as a gospel song. And so it was about that and it`s still about it. People are looking for quick money. The sakawa boy, look at our sisters on social media right now. Look at the bloggers. They destroy because of money. Listen to the politricksters. And check some of the men of God. It`s all back to sika mpo nfa neho”.

According to Evangelist Lord Kenya, money is good. It is not evil and the bible is clear on that but the love of it makes it evil. “When you love money and don’t care about humans then that is evil. You begin to worship it. You want to kill for it. You destroy people so you can be rich. That the bible is against and not working right to get money.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)