King Jerry Sings Worship Songs To Thank God For More Hits

King Jerry who is best known for all the danceable releases has for the first time, dropped a gospel tune to laud his maker.

In an interview with astute broadcast journalist Sammy Flex on his sammyflextv, the iconic musician expatiated that God has consistently given him hit songs. Relating it to the difficulties associated to songs becoming popular, he talked about how people consult lesser spirits to stay relevant meanwhile genuinely, God is always making it happen for him.

The “Bend Down Low” hit maker in this case, is propelled to attribute “Ahenfo mu Ahenfo” which literally means King of Kings to express his gratitude to his maker. His longevity in the space according to him is enough to justify God for being on his side. Hence the need to adore Him with a gospel tune.

“We started this thing no be today. The time I was releasing hits, these artistes weren’t anywhere near. Dobble used to be at the backstage whiles I perform and also i headlined all the big shows in Accra. They wait for my departure before they are given platforms even with that, the crowd disappears because it’s me they want to see. Through my days at next Café African Revelations representing Accra at Kumasi, bossu it’s been God that’s why I have to do this” he disclosed.

Again, he revealed that a dream he had earlier in 2020 indicated that if he doesn’t churn out a gospel song to praise God, he will suffer for hits. Jaysmart