Naana Blu Set To Release EP “This Is High life” On 30th September

Musician and Songwriter NaaNa Blu who is signed to Quophimens Musiq Label, has posted on her social media platforms @naanabluonline that she will be releasing her maiden EP, ‘This is highlife’ on the 30th September, 2020.

On her Twitter account, NaaNa Blu, the No Pressure Singer indicates that the EP will have 5 highlife songs. When this website reached out to her for the inspiration behind the ‘This Is Highlife’ EP, she had this to say:

“I grew up listening to highlife music, my grandparents loved the highlife sound. This EP is to honour that childhood memory but most importantly it is to honor the forebears of Highlife music in Ghana. The EP is also to reignite the genre and have people my age enjoy the beautiful sounds and story lines often associated with highlife.

“I will release the official cover for the EP and the tracklist on the 10th and 15th of September respectively,” NaaNa Blu disclosed.

NaaNa Blu has great potentials. She will become a household name if she continues to create beautiful music. Ghana should watch out for this one.