Goodies Music Boss Advises Record Label Owners To Organize Their Own Tours & Concerts

Isaac Abeiku Aidoo, CEO of Goodies Music International has advised that record label owners in the country should not only depend on event organizers/promoters to bill their artistes but rather organize their own tour and concerts to make some money since royalties and music sales don’t pay much lately in Ghana.

Speaking on Showbiz Agenda on Wednesday morning on Zylofon 102.1 FM, he revealed he is not scared of any financial losses in his return to the music business because he is well experienced now and has a strategic approach to the business.

“I have learnt a lot. I know how to make money in the music business now. There is money in Ghana music. Most of the time record labels only depend on event organizers to bill their artistes for events but Goodies Music International is not going to work like that. We are going to do our own tour, organize our own concerts with our artistes. There are people out there with money that want to spend on entertainment. People have money to spend. They have listened to songs and wish to see the artistes behind them. Labels should learn to put together their own tour, concerts across the country and shouldn’t wait for event promoters to bill their artistes for events.” he stated.

The ace producer added: “As we speak, I am putting together a band that will back our artistes. It is called the Goodies Music International band. I want them to rehearse and play the live band to reach a certain class. People even enjoy Talented Kids because of the live band the kids play. They really enjoy it. It means there is something we are not doing right. So we need to encourage the young musicians to play live so they can be billed on some international platforms. My label is organizing international festivals but if you can’t play live, you cannot be part of such events”.

Goodies Music is best known for his works for artistes such as Lord Kenya, Tic Tac, VIP, Sydney, Nana Kwame and Mzbel. He also worked on collaborative projects between some Ghanaian and Nigerian artistes including 2Face and Tony Tetuila.

According to him, to break through the Nigerian market as a record label owner or artiste, you have to travel and live there for sometime to become one of them. “I traveled with VIP to Nigeria and we lived there for months just to get through the market and that really worked perfectly for me back then. I was the representative for Kenny Ogungbe CEO Of Kennis Music here in Ghana and he was Goodies Music representative in Nigeria as well. That really helped us a lot. We did a lot of collaborative works. 2Face couldn’t come here with my approval and we couldn’t also go there without Kennis`s approval and it worked for us” he added.

He now has a new studio at Teshie, a suburb of Accra, and his Goodies Music Production is now registered in Belgium as Goodies Music International to show his readiness for his comeback.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)