“Very Soon Music Will Be Full Of Fooling Instead Of Talent” – Producer Zapp Mallet

Legendary Ghanaian music producer Zapp Mallet has described how the Ghanaian music industry will soon be like if measures are not put in place. According to him, it will be full of nonsensical products instead of talent.

In a Facebook post on his timeline, he stated that today’s music is said to be 10% talent whiles 90% is full of hype. Meaning the music is industry is now loosing it’s credibility from pure talent to fake living and unnecessary hype.

It`s never a surprise to sammyflextv.com if it happens because some of the gatekeepers are always thinking money and not concentrating on the talent of upcoming musicians.

“Today’s music we’re told is 10% talent 90% hype. Keeps reducing. Very soon it will -20% talent 150% fooling and fakeness. if it’s not already!”, he shared on his Facebook page.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori