Efia Odo’s Mum Advises Her To Go In For Big Men For More Money

Ghanaian Actress and model Efia Odo has posted a video on her Twitter page in which her mum was advising her to start following big men which is termed as “Papano” in our Twi language.

In the video, Efia Odo’s mum complained about her daughter giving her a small amount of money instead of giving her enough which will make her feel ok.

“Next time don’t give me any money if you think you can’t give me more than $200 -$250, what am I going to use such amount for. My hair is even expensive than the amount you’ve given me,” her mum complained.

Efia Odo in a funny way asked if she should go in for some of the Big Men who have money which is termed as Papano in Ghana?

“You could have given me $10,000 if you have some of the Papano in your life. Go and get yourself some of the Big Men you said no and you are just gallivanting in Ghana and now you are back to America with nothing, everyone loves the Papano,” her mum advised her.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori