Kuami Eugene vs King Promise: Twitter Users Rate King Promise A Better Artiste Over Kuami Eugene

No matter how two musicians may gel, music fans will always spark up some ratings and competition between them. This happens almost on every field but it gets bigger in the creative space.

Not long ago, Kuami Eugene was crowned artiste of the year in the just ended Vodafone Ghana Music Awards but it looks like that is not a conversation Ghanaian twitter users want to have. Among these fans, they want to know who among these two talents is a better artiste over the order.

Well, this may not be necessary for everyone but these music lovers on social media still want to get this conversation going. Funny thing is, most of these fans attach emotions and throw shades at each other while they discuss numbers of these artistes when it comes to streams, their vocal power, brand etc. Some even think it is an agenda by some industry people against Kuami Eugene.

Let’s look at how some of them see the two artistes:
Sb OrlandoFlag of Ghana @gyaigyiimi writes: “When it comes to YouTube views Kuami Eugene is far gone but King Promise is a better musician than Kuami. Period! Poor parenting can make your child compare Kuami Eugene to King Promise me de3 I give birth ah I go take good care of my child oo. You can compare Kuami Eugene to King Promise when he start writing his own songs”.

Mr Asabere @AsabereRoland: “King Promise sef ibi only 1 song wey he get 10M views sef(CCTV)…You dey take him compare Kuami Eugene and Kidi..Tsww. In terms of awards and streams all, Kuami Eugene is far ahead of your MCM. Awards- Kuami Eugene, Hits-Kuami Eugene, Streams-Kuami Eugene. I don’t know why y’all still arguing”

Beno S★rkCess @BenopaOnyx1: “I’m saying King Promise is better than Kuami Eugene and you dey talk say ebe sake of abi SarkNative
Is King Promise a SarkNative? Sias3m sei. Anybody who compares Kuami Eugene to King Promise is either an ex convict or an ex mental patient. CCTV by King Promise is bigger than Kuami Eugene’s career. The only thing that Kuami Eugene is good at ahead of King Promise is when it comes to stealing songs!!!”•

Your Quiz Master @NGO_gh: “The anti- Kuami Eugene agenda is too clear.
I remember this same app top and you people said La meme gang is bigger than Kuami Eugene. None of these new school singers is bigger than Kuami Eugene! Kuami Eugene is a hit nationwide and cuts across all ages and classes.

You might argue that king promise writes “deeper” than Kuami but even that one Akwaboah is better”.

Ameɤican Idol @_sheikhdollar: “The hip life King Promise is doing is different from the Hip life Kuami Eugene is doing”.

Sb k. GYESi @_gyesi: “Kuami Eugene should reply patapaa ein diss track before you squad go compare am to king promise”.

BerlaMundiBaYellow @ImEfiaMenish: “Kuami Eugene, Kidi, and King promise are all good but King promise is on a different level”.

Ivan ArthurBalloon @Mrbelgium1: “King Promise is better than both Kuami Eugene and KiDi. But if you talk they’ll bring awards sighhhh!!

YouTube Hustler @kwadwosheldon: “Lmao! No wait! people think King Promise is bigger than Kuami Eugene?

Kuami Eugene that sold out an entire stadium in Sierra Leone?”
Nungua Zayn Malik @WahidHansen: “Kuami Eugene is only better than King Promise in selling wele, s3b3 and kontomire. Top notch!!!

And the debate goes on and on and on. You can also have a say. What do you think about these two great talents?

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)