Lawyers Of Musician Worlasi To Serve NDC lawsuit Over Copyright Issue

Lawyers of popular musician Worlasi Langani known publicly as Worlasi are preparing to serve the National Democratic Congress (NDC) over copyright infringement case that the party is sleeping on after meeting for negotiations about three weeks ago.

“Our Lawyer is going to serve the NDC because we have not heard from them. The last time I spoke to our lawyer, he was going to serve them because we haven’t heard from them for weeks. We know its election year and after the elections it will be difficult getting this settled so our lawyer has decided to serve them” Mawuko Kuadzi, manager of Worlasi told Nana Reagan of in an exclusive interview on Tuesday.

He further stated: “Prior to the first meeting, I have been talking to Rex and then we met on the 13th September for hearing. We spoke about an offer and agreed on some satisfactory compensation for Worlasi. The NDC party was very okay to what we agreed on but has failed to get back to us since. It has been almost three weeks now and we haven’t heard anything from them. I have tried reaching our lawyer today for latest update on it but he hasn’t been able to reach him. I am sure he is going to call me back when he is less busy”.

The manager responding to issues of a third party asking the NDC to hold on with negotiations said a meeting has been held with the third party who happen to be the artiste’s former management and have sort out their issues.

“That can not be the reason why the NDC hasn’t gotten back to us after the meeting because we have met with the third party and everything is fine” he noted.

The party according to Rex Omar and Sadiq, their spokespersons in separate reports assured the artiste and the general public that the NDC is taking time to ensure the matter is handled with due diligence since it hovers around copyright infringement. They emphasized that their party is committed to ensuring that creative arts players fully benefit from their craft, for which reason the party will make sure all the people involved in the matter will walk away with a satisfactory compensation. But Mawuko Kuadzi, manager of Worlasi claims the NDC party after their first meeting, has not made any further efforts to settle them as agreed.

Background: Musician Worlasi accused the opposition National Democratic Congress NDC of using his song for their manifesto presentation without his permission. NDC launched their manifesto Monday, August 31, 2020 and the artiste`s song called “One Life” was used in a documentary during the launch which made the artiste register his displeasure. He posted a self-recorded video on his Twitter page indicating he didn’t have any agreement with any political party to use his song in their activities. According to him, he doesn’t understand why the NDC will go ahead to use his song without using the right channel for it and claimed that they pay him.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)