Video + “If You Want To Chop Me, Then Sign Promotional Contract First” – Singer Ama Petal

Singer Ama Petal who is an independent artiste has given out some rules if any man wants to have s€x with her before helping or supporting his music career.

On Sammy Flex TV’s Showbiz Daily with Sammy Flex, she said men have been approaching her in terms of help but they want something in kind first and that’s what she is not ready to do.

According to her, she has no investor, no record label and support is not coming from anywhere and that she does everything by herself with her small team so things are very tough for her.

But after revealing what she’s suffering when looking for help as a female musician, she has added that any man who wants to sleep with her must be ready to support her career and for that matter the man will have to agree to some terms and conditions before any sexual activity.

“I feel like if you really want to help me and you want to make love to me, then there must be a contract for me to sign saying that you are sleeping with me and this the contract I’ve signed, so when you breach the contract by failing to help after the s€x, then you will arrested for that,” she added.

Watch the full interview on Sammy Flex TV in the link below.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori