Afia Schwarzenegger Claims People Who Hate Her Are Her Real Fans

It must be very difficult tolerating your social media critics or haters. Sometimes you wish no one comes attacking you under your photos and other posts but controversial Ghanaian media personality Afia Schwarzenegger has a different feel about such social media users and their ways.

You might wish them dead but Afia Schwarzenegger describe these haters as core fans and even called on them to drop their mobile money account numbers for some cash.

According to Afia in a video she shared on her IG page today, these are people who could have done something better with their time and energy but chose to hate her with it and must be appreciated.

“Good afternoon, I want to thank and appreciate people that follow me with fake account. Because you really have to be a fan to do this. To the point that I sometimes block you but you create fake accounts to monitor me, monitor the way God is blessing me, monitor how my life is moving forward in success.

“Listen just drop your mobile money numbers so I send you some money okay? The energy you use in hating me needs to be appreciated. The effort, the time, you know you could have done something useful with your time. Please drop your account numbers let me send you money. Because you are my fan. You are my fan” she said.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)