“Humility Will Take You Places Where Talent Can’t Take You” – Captain Planet

Ghanaian musician and a member of the defunct group 4×4 Sylvanus Jeoffrey aka Captain Planet has given an advice to the Ghanaian youth and to the public in a whole.

On Twitter, he posted that humility is what will take you to places but not talent. According to him, as humans, you shouldn’t think talent is enough in life but rather humility and respect are what every man needs and that’s what will take you to places.

“Humility Will Take You Places Where Talent Can’t Take You #BeHumble,” he advised.

He made the above statement as he retweeted a Nigerian AY Comedian’s post on Twitter who also advised the youth and other celebrities on humility.

“Dear reigning & trending celebrity, before you allow the fame to take the best of you, just know that you are digging your own grave.There is a reason why 2Baba, RMD & others are still in the same business where some don’t last more than 2 years.Talent is not enough #humility,” AY Comedian tweeted.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori