Afia Schwarzenegger Throws Shades: “Rich People Don’t Fight, They Concentrate On Their Investment And Enjoy Their Wealth”

The fierce feud between celebrities on social media have left many of them throwing jabs and shades every day in their posts via their handles and loud mouth media personality Afia Schwarzenegger seems to be doing exactly same after Mzbel dared her with her “Fi” response in their recent ‘beef’.

After Mzbel and Tornado took her to the gutters by exposing her sapphism acts with chop bar waitresses and also alleging that she doesn’t even cater for his biological father who is based in Kumasi, Afia has since been making slight innuendoes with photos of his father on his IG page.

Among the many posts that she flooded her post with, one post that really caught our attention is the one that seems like a response to those that wish she could continue her feud with Mzbel and Tornado. In this post she said: “My dad Mr Agyei just said and I quote ‘Rich people don’t fight ,they concentrate on their investment and enjoy their wealth”.

But before that she first she posted: “Take good care of your parents n God in heaven will bless you!!!! My daddy my photocopy.

I remember the morning we were wheeling you to the theater… it was raining heavily at korle bu n I was tearing.. you held my hand n prayed for asked God to reward me for every coin I have spent. Thank you daddy .. today Facebook reminded me of this day n the Holy Spirit whispered unto my soul,your daddy is still alive and all his prayers for u has been answered. God bless you Agya Kojo Agyei… your prayers have made us come far. Once again congratulations daddy, wo tri nkwa. We are grateful to God for having you here n oh all the jokes you tell ..We are grateful to the drs n Nurses of Korle bu teaching hospital for everything you did for daddy. Happy anniversary, Happy recoversary…still surprising medicine!!!!”

“To my everything and more Fadda Dickson, thank you so very much. To everybody that prayed with us, we say thank you…To the people that kept checking on me becos i was in my lowest mood..thank you” she said in another post.

That wasn’t the last with a photo of herself and the father, she further shared this: “Allow me flood your TL with my 83 years dad whom we nearly lost to prostate cancer…And I will use the medium to advise all men to check your prostate Regularly..Just like cervical cancer you might not experience any symptoms till it gets cancerous. Meet my miracle. And oh we are always laughing cos my father is got a great sense of humor.
Yes he survived Cancer…He is a miracle..He is a great man”.

Afia trying to prove Mr. Agyei is her real dad and that she takes very good care of him, posted: “If you think say I be guy…wait…Meet the 83 years old man that wears Versace to funeral, My father Agya Kwadwo Agyei”.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)