Nana Tornado Responds To Afia Schwarzenegger: “I Will Prefer To Be Gay Than To Sleep With A Dog For $5,000”

Nana Tornado and Afia Schwarzenegger don’t seem to bring their social media ‘beef’ to an end anytime soon. Tornado in a video making rounds on Facebook has responded once again to the controversial loud-mouth media personality Afia Schwarzenegger, telling her that it is better to be gay than to be sleeping with a Chinese man’s dog for $5,000.

“Afia Schwarzenegger let me tell you something. If you visit the internet and search the most popular gay celebrities in Ghana on Google, I am number one on the list. So your mouth and your IG page is not bigger than Google. If you type top 10 gay celebrities in Ghana, your gossips have put me on number one on that list. I won. Ghanaians are fed up with he is gay so say something new. Afia I will prefer to be gay than to sleep with a dog for $5,000. Afia we went to Kumasi to sell our boss products and you came to tell me there’s a new deal. You told me the Chinese men are looking for a girl to sleep with their dog so they pay her $5,000 and I told you I am not interested. But you left with them and later came back to rain $5,000 on me. You slept with a pitbull. So let me tell you Ghanaians are fed up with your Tornado is gay. They are fed up. Bring something new” he said in the video.

Tornado added: “When your breast implant surgery failed, you ran to Fadda Dickson to lie to him that you had breast cancer but it was a lie. Tell Ghanaians why you were putting on pampers in South Africa. Tell us the disease you were suffering from. I am going to go raw with you. You think you are a bitch? Well, I am a bitch too”.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)