Ghanaian Artistes Don’t Get Grammy Nominations Because Their People Don’t Respect Their Works – Captain Planet (4×4)

Ghanaian rapper/singer and an award winning artiste Captain Planet (4×4) has lined out some reasons Ghanaian artistes are not being recognized at the Grammys.

On his Twitter page, he posted that people are wondering why Ghanaian artistes are not making it to the Grammys. He said Ghanaians themselves have failed to push their own artistes as they are always rubbishing the works of an artiste.

He further stated that we as Ghanaians are not helping our artistes to attain the higher height but always wishing them to fall instead of hailing and appreciating their works.

“People are wondering why Ghanaians don`t get Grammy nominations? Your own people have already trashed your album on social media so how do you expect the board of Grammy’s to even access something that your own people have already trashed . It’s of no use to them” he bitterly stated.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori