“I think Shatta Wale Was Kidding With Me Being Emotional After The Asaase Clash” – Stonebwoy

Stonebwoy has once again cleared the air about his music rival Shatta Wale’s claims over him being emotional after the Asaase Sound Clash and not answering his calls any longer saying the latter was just kidding when he made that comment and didn’t mean anything serious.

Speaking to Sammy Flex on Showbiz Agenda on Zylofon 102.1 FM, he said Shatta is fond of saying stuffs and was as usual vibing.

“What can Shatta not say? But I think he was just having fun. After I heard the way he said it, I knew it wasn’t that deep. He was just vibing. But one of the things he said was like. because I had to confirm some like oh we planned to do this. I don’t know how, I don’t know if he has an emotional detection machine to realize that I am catching feelings. But we can talk about it better. What he said about me isn’t cool but he wasn’t serious anyway. He wasn’t that serious. He was just vibing” he told Sammy Flex.

When asked about his tweets which suggested that he wasn’t too cool with the organizers decision especially after the car was given to a Shatta fan, Stonebwoy replied: “That is total concern. You know what I mean? I am in the forefront of this whole thing. This is just like the two biggest popular political parties we have in the country. You will always have a banter, you will always have a back and forth. So I think that is a normal thing to do. As of the time the polls closed, I believed that we won the polls but when they went back in and out and all of that, per the proceedings and all, they came out and said this is how it was when after the other votes came in. Maybe they mail-in votes just like America. Maybe when the mailing votes after it over, fine. We understand. So for me that is in the past. In the end, we had a very beautiful show and it brought some life to the whole thing. And one thing I would always say is that, thanks to all who voted”.

He added: “Trust me, for us they know, if you check the statistics it was clear. Several individual voted for me and it was just one person, the same man who won the car who made sure he got the car from Shatta’s end. So when you check the statistics like I am here to speak on the truth, I am impressed about the number of the diverse nature of my fanbase and the support. So that’s what I’m really grateful for and we have to use that energy to do more things. But in the end it`s normal. I don’t know why Shatta is saying that I’ve gotten emotional. I think he is just kidding about that”.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)