“If You Fight For Any Politician Whose Kids Are In Abroad, We Will Not Cry But Laugh” – Kwaw Kese To Ghanaian Youth

Rapper Kwaw Kese has sent a caution to every Ghanaian youth asking them not to fight for any politician whose kids are living luxury life in abroad. According to him in a video shared on his IG page on Thursday, he indicated that the election is over, results have been declared and life must go on.

He said if your favorite party has lost, just go back, do your home work and wait for the next election after four years and don’t go out fighting for any politician.

“Master the elections have been declared. If your party has lost, go back to work and come back after four years. If you go out fooling and you die, we will not cry. We will laugh because it is a stupid death. Stop fooling because the politicians children are in abroad and you are going to fight for him? Fool. Go and learn maybe you will win next four years. Ghana has to move on. Don’t die a stupid death” he said in the video.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)