“Bow Your Heads In Shame If You’re Not Saying Anything To Condemn The Abysmal Performance Of Ghamro” – Reggie Zippy

Pop singer best known as one-half of the Urban Pop duo Reggie N Bollie who released their 2nd studio album titled CLARITY on 2021 New Year’s Day has added his voice to that of highlife singer Dada Hafco over the rot in GHAMRO – Ghana Music Rights Organization and some other institutions in the music industry.

Dada Hafco is seen in a video with George Quaye on Joy FM making claims that GHAMRO collects money for both registered and non-registered members of the organisation but only make payments to its members only and hold on to moneys belonging to non-members.

Following these claims and many others, Reggie Zippy took to his Facebook page to express agreement with Dada Hafco and further expressed his disappointments in those who are quiet over these happenings in our institutions.

He wrote:

“At this very crucial point in time, Anybody who sees all the rot, the pain and challenges Ghanaian artistes and music business investors go through but still refuse to do anything or say anything to condemn the abysmal performance of Ghamro and certain key figures and media institutions in the music industry who have looted and destroyed the livelihood of 99.9% of Ghanaian artists, songwriters, investors etc, that person must bow their head in shame cuz they are also part of the problem. We’re looking for real and sustainable solutions for our ailing industry so please, if you don’t know what it takes, then just shut up and don’t be an impediment to progress, allow those of us who know the way out to work. No more room for any Konongo kaya leaders and their blood sucking cohorts. Big Up my bro Dada Hafco for this great submission, Man is too intelligent and a fighter ✊🏾✊🏾. Alliance for Change in Ghana Music”.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)