Hammer Responds To Enoch Agyapong: “I Respect Your Stand But I Need You To Quit Looking At The Surface And Focus On The Bigger Picture”

Celebrated music producer who is now the Chief Marketing Officer of A1 Bakery, producers of A1 Bread, Hammer has responded to boss of Speech Production and entertainment pundit Enoch Agyepong, asking him to quit looking at the surface and to focus on the bigger picture in discussing issues of GHAMRO – Ghana Music Rights Organization.

The CEO of The Last Two Music Group noted that, Enoch Agyapong should by now realize that our very problem is the constitution he so often invoke, claiming the system at GHAMRO is flawed.

Da’ Hammer posted in a comment:

“I would think you of all ppl will realize by now that our very problem is the constitution u so often invoke. There’s a saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Don’t u realize that this same system and cycle is what what has rendered Ghamro a failure from day one till now? The fact that anyone with a little clout can walk in there and get elected on unto the board? This is what has given us Carlos’s and the present Rex amongst other board members. These board mafias who do nothing but sit and sit and keep collecting sitting allowance. Massa Enock Agyepong I respect your stand but I need u to quit looking at the surface and focus on the big picture. THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS FLAWED..and it will keep shitting on us these clueless board members and chairmen if we don’t uproot it”.

He further revealed why he pulled out in contesting for the position as GHAMRO chairman.

“Actually i was but I pulled out carlos’s time because of the same fuckery that made u storm there with a cutlass uncle Rex Omar. My name Shld be actually there cos I registered right after I produced Deeba huh, I walked in there with him to register with cassettes… I rmbr what annoyed me was the secretary at the time who was actually a fan, told me that even if I have demos I haven’t released or studio works I hadn’t finished I Shld record them on cassettes and bring them.. it will increase my chances of getting more money. Look at this… and nothing has changed since then. Artists who aren’t even on radio or on any public platform are even members and are enjoying royalties… because they come in handy when it’s time to vote” he said in a comment on Facebook.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)