Watch! Lord Kenya Clashes With Okomfuor Kwadee`s Family: Showbiz People Discuss The Aftermath

The on-going banter between Lord Kenya and Okomfour Kwadee`s family is a very delicate one which should be handled with care. This is because whilst Lord Kenya thinks he is right for sharing a video of Okomfour Kwadee to solicit for support from friends and sympathizers, Kwadee`s family also thinks he is being insensitive to the situation by putting videos of his visitation out to the public.

To judge this without sounding bias against any of the parties, one should be able to judge seeing himself or herself in the position of both parties involved in the matter. In this edition of Sammy Flex speaks hosted by MC Berima, Nana Reagan of Beef Nation fame joined the usual resource person on this segment Sammy Flex Speaks to discuss the issues presented to them.

Though the two agreed to some of the issues raised, there were occasions they also beautifully disagreed making the show an interesting one to watch. has presented the video on Sammy Flex TV on youtube for your enjoyment.

Will this banter auger well for the positive advancement we are all looking for Okomfour Kwadee in this sad situation he finds himself? Please don`t forget to add your comments to the video after watching.